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S.3 Geography Notes

Definition of vegetation

Vegetation refers to all forms of plant life growing in an area.  

  • As a community of plants like trees, scrubs, herbs, woodland and grasses that cover an area and give it a distinct character.
  • Vegetation is the living mantle of plants (flora) which covers much of the land surface forming an important aspect of the physical environment.

Natural vegetation is that of type of plant life that grows particularly in a particular physical environment. It can be a forest, grassland or scrub.

Vegetation is very important because the natural vegetation provides a good base for rational use of land for economic benefit. The natural vegetation of Africa has been adversely affected by human activities that today; Africa has a very small percentage of her original vegetation cover left.

Vegetation types found in Africa  

These include the:

  •  Tropical rain forests or equatorial vegetation
  • Savannah vegetation (woodland, grassland and scrub)
  • Semi- desert and desert vegetation
  • Montane or mountain vegetation
  • Mangrove vegetation  
  • Swamp vegetation
  • High veld grassland  

Activity:  Draw  a  sketch  map  of  Africa  showing  the  distribution  of  the  natural vegetation


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