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S.3 Geography Notes

Definition of a drainage system

Drainage system is defined as the different sources of water in a given area/region/county. The drainage system includes lakes, rivers and wetlands. 


A river is a water body flowing over the surface of the land flowing through a definite natural channel in a linear direction down a slope due to gravity.  Africa has a number of rivers both big and small, all of which rise somewhere in the huge plateau and mountain areas. In these areas plenty of rain falls and supplies the rivers, keeping them full for their journeys to the seas and oceans which surround Africa.

 A point where the river starts to flow is known as a source like lakes, mountains. Swamps and pours into a mouth such as lakes, swamps, ocean, and sea for example;

The Nile [white & blue] is the longest of Africa’s rivers and the most important. Others major rivers include the Congo, Zambezi, Niger, Limpopo, Orange, Senegal, Ogoove, Volta, Kafue, Awash, Kossou and Omo as illustrated below: 

Draw a sketch of Africa and on it mark, and name the major rivers  






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