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S.3 Geography Notes

Benefits/Importance/Contribution OF Glaciation in East Africa

  1. Glaciation has led to creation of beautiful scenic landscapes which promote tourism hence foreign exchange earnings; employment to people who earn income thereby improving their standards of living; promoting infrastructural development. 
  2. Glaciation has led to Modification of the micro climate through lowering of temperature and rainfall formation suitable for settlement and farming on the gentle slopes of the mountain Kenya, Kilimanjaro and Rwenzori.
  3. The eroded rocks, sand and rock boulders brought down by the glacial melt water are used for construction of roads and buildings.
  4. The water falls in hanging valleys are potential sites for hydro power generation for industrial and domestic use. 
  5. Glaciers are sources of rivers which provide water for Irrigation for example River Sebwe provide water for Mobuku irrigation scheme in Kasese. 
  6. Glaciers are source of water for Industrial and domestic for example Little Athi River on Mountain Kenya and River Mobuku on Mount Rwenzori 
  7. Glaciers promote recreation/sporting activities like mountain climbing, ice skating on the glaciated mountains of East Africa which improves people’s lives. 
  8. It has enhanced research and study purposes leading to acquisition of skills.
  9. Fertile soils like the boulder clay soils on the plains support crop cultivation such as Mobuku irrigation Farm in Kasese.
  10. Glacial landscapes/features are used for filming and photography industry, advertisement in East Africa.
  11. The U – shaped valleys are also used for settlement and communication passes for roads and railways because they are flat. 

Negative/Disadvantages of Living Near Glaciated Areas

  1. The melting of the glaciers leads to the river flooding of the lower areas hence destruction of farm land and property.  
  2. Massive deposition of rock boulders leads to infertile soils hence limiting agricultural activities.  
  3. Rock falls/ice falls from the mountain cause accidents, death and destruction of property in the lower areas of the glaciated mountains.
  4. Inaccessibility due to glacial activities for example glacial erosion has led to the form of gullies.
  5. Very cold conditions limit human settlement on the summits of the glaciated mountains.
  6. Stagnant water on the lower parts of the mountains becomes breeding areas for the diseases vectors like mosquitoes.  


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