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About Us

BrainShare is an e-learning platform that is designed to support self-paced study for students as well as online teaching for teachers or schools.

  • Students can login to study or to revise for their exams
  • Teachers can offer coaching to their students via BrainShare
  • BrainShare can be customised for schools to support eLearning

BrainShare for Business is meant for Organisations / Companies to be used for training purposes. BrainShare for Business is suitable for companies/organisations that do alot of re-fresher trainings for their employees. Trainings can be conducted online or training material like eBooks, publications, company manuals etc can be uploaded to the BrainShare platform for the benefit of their employees.

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Learning Resources. We are proud of top quality learning content for students to learn from.


Learning Projects We have partnered with a number of development agencies on eLearning


Years of experience Our team has the right experience to support your elearning needs


Awards We have received a number of Awards both local and International for excellence


BrainShare Offers the following services to our clients

eLearning Resources

We have quality eLearning resources such as notes, pastpapers, eBooks etc to support self study

Content Development

We support local content developers such as teachers to develop quality eLearning content

Skills Development

We also offer skills development content to enable the youths learn entrepreneurship skills

ICT Consultancy

We also offer ICT consultancy as well as custom software development for clients


We have very suitable and pocket friendly prices for clients


UGX0 / month

  • Free Notes
  • Free Pastpapers
  • Free eBooks
  • Free Discussions
  • Marking Guides
  • Premium Books


UGX25,000 / month

  • All Content
  • All eBooks
  • Live Trainings
  • Videos
  • Private Messaging
  • Group Messaging

Frequently Asked Questions

If I don't have access to the internet, can I use BrainShare?

Yes, you can use BrainShare through the mobile App or desktop App. These apps are all meant to work both online and offline. The other channel is through getting yourself the BrainShare USB Stick preloaded with content.

If I own a school, can I use BrainShare for my school only?

Yes, we can customise BrainShare to be used by your school and its students/teachers. Once customised, your school teachers will create accounts as well as your students only. Your teachers can then teach their students online.

If am a teacher and I want to make some money, can BrainShare help?

Yes, BrainShare can help teachers make money in different ways, the first: You can create a tutor account on BrainShare and upload content and once students subscribe to your content, you get the payment. The other way is to signup as a support teacher.

If I have a small community group, say, of young girls that I mentor, can I use BrainShare?

Yes, you can create an school/organisation accoount and use it to access full features of BrainShare and teach the learners. The good news here is that this is all for free. You can always upgrade to a business account incase you need to access more features of BrainShare like live classes which help you teach your beneficiaries via live stream.

Can I use BrainShare for free? Also, what happens when my monthly subscription expires?

Yes, BrainShare has both free and premium content as well as features. You can create a free account and access lots of free learning resources like notes, eBooks, pastpapers etc. This will always free forever. You can always upgrade your account to a premium account any time and access more premium features and content such as marking guides, more premium eBooks etc. For the premium users, once your monthly subscription expires, your account will automatically be downgraded to a free account which will only access the free content and won't access premium content.

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