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You can now access our free and premium learning materials for Primary, Olevel and Alevel by Selecting your level from the menu above! Learn from Home on your phone/computer to reduce risks of contracting COVID-19.

About Us

BrainShare is an e-learning platform that is designed to support self-paced study for students as well as online teaching for teachers or schools.

  • Students can login to study or to revise for their exams
  • Teachers can offer coaching to their students via BrainShare
  • BrainShare can be customised for schools to support eLearning

BrainShare for Business is meant for Organisations / Companies to be used for training purposes. BrainShare for Business is suitable for companies/organisations that do alot of re-fresher trainings for their employees. Trainings can be conducted online or training material like eBooks, publications, company manuals etc can be uploaded to the BrainShare platform for the benefit of their employees.

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Using BrainShare as a School To Enhance eLearning During Covid

BrainShare has offered its eLearning platform to schools to help them combart learning challenges as a result of covid-19. Interested schools should call +256700718191.